AM Guitars seeks to challenge conventional concepts of guitar design by "recycling" and giving new life to objects as varied as;vacuum cleaners, Boeing airplane parts, street lamps and manitake infolds from BMW engines. Even our unique wood body instruments are built from reclaimed wood.

We seek to use only the most seasoned of tonewoods.
AM is an intrepid sourcer of found materials--from scrapyards, building demolitions, and random good luck.

He has to be to create his one-of-a-kind guitars, crafted from objects ranging from motorcycle carburetors to vacuum cleaner frames.
“It was either throw it away or do something with it”, “The something turned out to be AM’s first guitar.”

Other AM Guitars have come from resurrected motorcycle carburetors, aluminum from a late-1960s Boeing airplane, a defunct golf cart, and the intake manifold from a BMW engine. “The idea of using less than traditional designs was there right from the start”

About Am

"Having been surrounded by guitars for the past 30 plus years, not only as a luthier but also as the proprietor of a guitar shop, I have seen my fair share of new guitar designs. There have been many which I found to be interesting, precious few which I considered outstanding, but most of the newly designed guitars have been clones of what had already been introduced and at best were mediocre.

One should be in the sitting position when they see AM Guitars for the first time. There has been nothing like these guitars ever before. I was knocked off my feet when I saw the first AM Guitar and the reaction of all who view these guitars has been the same...

AM Guitars are a work of art and are rare museum quality. Each guitar is a one of a kind piece. Every "AM Guitar" is hand crafted using recycled items such as vintage vacuum cleaners, golf carts, old street lights, BMW motor parts and Boeing Aircraft parts etc.

Although each AM Guitar is unique and aesthetically beautiful, they are all comprised of materials that have been used in a different form in the past. AM Guitars is contributing to the world of music and art while at the same time being mindful of our planet. AM Guitars will always utilize recycled items to build guitars.

AM Guitars is news! AM Guitars are stunning!"
Rudy Pensa
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