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14 December 20:14

AM Guitars %40 Rudy's Music front window

"Rudy's Music in Soho is as much a museum as a guitar store. The gallery of vintage rarities and modern gems is an overview of six-string history and design, and showcases the instrument as a true piece of art. You don't have to be a player, let alone a guitar connoisseur, to appreciate the place–but if you are... well then it's just heaven.

On a recent visit, I discovered some of the most custom axes I've ever seen: AM Guitars. Rather than the usual body of alder, ash, or sandwiched mahogany and maple, these one-of-a-kind electrics are made of recycled steel. From lawnmowers, street lamps, and 50's vacuums, to BMW manifolds and Boeing airplane parts, the once scrap-yard components are cleaned up, re-composed, and outfitted with the guts of a high end electric guitar. They're beautiful and definitively unique. Sculptures that shred." Josh Hadar (view full article)


Come visit Rudy's Music SoHo!


It is with great enthusiasm and joy that Rudy Pensa introduces these incredible pieces at his recently opened store located in the historic district of SoHo.

You can find these one of a kind instruments at Rudy's Music SoHo, 461 Broome Street (between Greene &
Mercer) in New York City.


Rudy's SoHo by Vincent Ricardel


Rudy's SoHo by Vincent Ricardel

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