AM Space Station featured on Sugarland's 'The Incredible Machine Tour' Promo!

4 July 11:33

Sugarland’s Machine Almost Built


The next Sugarland album, The Incredible Machine, is set for release Oct. 19, and the duo is working diligently to get that machine in working order.

All the songs have been recorded and mixed, but one of the last pieces of the puzzle is a make-or-break element, and they haven’t quite figured it out yet.

 “We’re at the very tail end of the album right now,” Jennifer Nettles told “We’ve finished the mastering process and are in the process of doing the sequencing — the order that you put the songs. Let me tell you something: It is not the easiest thing to choose. You move one song around and it can change the whole vibe or tone of the record. You would think it wouldn’t be that powerful, but it is.”

Even as Jennifer and musical partner Kristian Bush move forward with their music, she had to feel a bit nostalgic this summer. Sugarland played the first five dates of Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair Tour, which returned to the concert circuit this summer after a 10-year hiatus. Jennifer played the Lilith Fair in Atlanta in 1999 when her band Soul Miner’s Daughter won a contest.

Since then, of course, she and Kristian formed a partnership that took her to a national stage. But it wasn’t an immediate bond. When they first met, he was signed to a recording deal as part of a folk-rock duo called Billy Pilgrim, and it was some time before they ever sat down to try and write something together.

“I thought he was a nice guy and talented,” Jennifer said. “I appreciated his work. But we were both so focused on our own things at the time that the sense of a creative spark wasn’t even an idea for either of us. It was only when we started writing together about eight years ago that I really thought this could be something interesting to pursue further to see what happens.”

The first single from The Incredible Machine will be “Stuck Like Glue,” a song they co-wrote with Rob Thomas co-writer Shy Carter and Better Than Ezra founder Kevin Griffin. It will be released to radio July 26.



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AM Space Station featured on Sugarland's 'The Incredible Machine Tour' Promo!
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